Why you need to try these products of Kiwi BeeKeeper today?


Are you a fan of honey products and living in New Zealand? If the answer is Yes, then don’t forget to try the amazing products of Kiwi Beekeeper.

New Zealand is blessed with a beautiful and unique environment which makes it best place to produce honey products.

Kiwi Beekeeper started their business in 2012 with 10 beehives and now they have grown to 400+ hives. They have over 30 apiaries around the South Auckland & Northern Waikato region which produce a range of bush and pasture honey blends. Each site is selected based on the type of honey they aim to produce.

They produce comb & pasture honey products, along with Beeswax, Pollen, Bee Venom & Propolis.

All products of Kiwi Beekeeper are 100% pure and healthy.

One of their best products which are widely sold are:

  1. Comb Honey- New Zealand Bush Blend Honey
  2. Rewarewa Honey – Creamed
  3. Rewarewa Honey – liquid

Honey New Zealand

You can even buy these products online from their website: Kiwi Beekeeper

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