Jawad Jamil

Ahmad Shahzad

The Sad End of Ahmad Shahzad

Jawad JamilJun 21, 2018
Virat Kohli

Why Pakistan team desperately needs Virat kohli

Jawad JamilJan 21, 2017

You will be shocked what Sheikh Rashid just tweeted

Jawad JamilJan 15, 2017
Azhar Ali

Why Azhar Ali needs to retire from ODIs?

Jawad JamilJan 13, 2017

Pakistan starts the Australian tour with a horror show

Jawad JamilDec 16, 2016
Transporter for Hire

Wanna Hide a Dead Human body? Don’t worry it’s all possible now, thanks to new startup Transporter for Hire

Jawad JamilSep 27, 2016

India’s founding father Gandhi was ‘Gay’ and Indian Government is now trying to hide it

Jawad JamilMay 21, 2016
Mystery artist draws Nawaz Sharif

Mystery artist draws Nawaz Sharif holding a penis and sucking money out of it in the recent wake of Panama Leaks

Jawad JamilApr 7, 2016

Why Alamgir Khan is a fake and copycat who just wants to be famous

Jawad JamilFeb 25, 2016
Are all girls attracted to Muscular men

Are all girls attracted to Muscular men?

Jawad JamilNov 6, 2015
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