10 reasons why Islamabad is the coolest place on Greenland!

Here are the 10 reasons why Islamabad is the coolest place on Greenland:

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  1. Here even the rain is awesome as little chance of flooding!

Islamabad Rain

  1. Load shedding is much much lesser than the rest of the Paki land

Load shedding

  1. Getting robbed at gunpoint in the market is extremely rare

Street robbery

  1. Though you don’t live at the beach but at least you live near the hills and they are clean (rare in Pakistan)


  1. Regular Sunday bazaar (good place for some cheap shopping)

Sunday bazaar

  1. People pray Namaz in Masjid (rare in Pakistan)

friday prayer

  1. No fighting between Aunties at lawn exhibitions

aunties fight

  1. Almost everybody belongs to the middle class

Middle class Pakistan

  1. Dating in Parks is still not so common and even if you do, not much chance of attracting trouble (no need to fear Auntie Maya)

maya khan

  1. And most importantly no need to fear bhai and Na Maloom afraad who often get naughty in the rest of the countryaltaf-hussain