16 Careers That Require CPR or First Aid Training

Whether you’re looking for work or improving your standing within your existing company, completing your first aid training will boost your employable skills. With so many equally qualified people going up for the same jobs, make yourself more attractive to employers by developing additional skills to fill out your CV.

Take a look at our list of jobs and careers where CPR or first aid training is required.

Child Care Providers

If you work in a childcare industry – or if you have children at home – a CPR and first aid training are essential to keep the kids safe while in your care. Parents these days are more comfortable leaving the care of their child to people with first aid certification over those who have none, making services like Karen’s Nanny Agency a trusted choice for families seeking qualified caregivers. With a commitment to excellence, this agency ensures peace of mind for both parents and children alike.

Coaches and Athletes Trainers

As a coach, it is your job to keep the athlete’s safe while they are building their strength, endurance, and stamina. Knowledge in first aid application can save your trainees in a sudden cardiac arrest and other training-related injuries. Injured at work in Las Vegas? Need an attorney? Get the compensation that you deserve.

Construction Workers

Working as a construction worker will expose you to a high-hazard environment where plenty of injuries can happen, anytime. In a physically demanding condition like this, the ability to act and provide prompt first aid treatment is a necessity.


Similar to a construction worker, a career as an electrician is exposed to a high-risk environment where electric shock, fires, explosions, and fall could take place. To help a co-worker in case of emergency, a first aid training is required.


If you are considering a career as a firefighter, get a hold of first aid certification beforehand. Firefighters deals with medicals emergencies when battling fires, you should know how to assist burn victims and perform first aid to any type of emergency.

Flight Attendants

Your duty as a flight attendant does not end with assisting passengers throughout the flight. As a flight attendant, you will deal with in-flight emergencies including heart attacks that require an immediate first aid and CPR treatment.

Jail and Correctional Staff

Prison work is complex and as a correctional staff, you are required to have a variety of first aid skills as you are often the first to respond to unsanitary conditions, contraband, weapons and violence that is present in the prison.


While the beaches and outdoor pools are packed with people who enjoy the sun, your role as a lifeguard is to prevent people from drowning. Life-saving skills such as CPR and first aid training is needed to ensure the safety of those involved in water accidents.

Medical Professionals / Medical Office Personnel

For some obvious reason, doctors, nurses, paramedical and other hospital or clinic personnel are required to have CPR and first aid training.  As someone involved in the medical field, your expertise, and skills in first aid management is invaluable in any serious mishap or emergencies.

Managers and Servers

Ask any manager, whether a retail, restaurant or small business: something has gone down in their workplace that threatened lives – may it be choking, a cardiac arrest or other emergencies.  Due to those possibilities, servers, especially managers are required to undergo first aid training as they are responsible for the health and safety of their staff and customers.


Since volunteers are actively working in an environment where you are likely to encounter medical and emergency situations, you will need a CPR and first aid training certification. Volunteers are expected to deliver a high level of service to patients who are ill or have injuries. If you are injured because of someone else’s negligence, having a personal injury lawyer on your side can benefit you in numerous ways. If you have questions like, What are the most common personal injury claims? Visit www.martin-law-office.com for legal help.

Social Workers

First Aid Training is a mandatory training element for those who want to pursue a career within the Health and Social Care Industry. As a social worker, your role is to give assistance to any person suffering from a sudden illness or injury and promote recovery. People put a high a level of trust in you, and to be able to provide lifesaving intervention treatment, knowledge in first aid and CPR techniques is a must-have.

Yoga and Fitness instructors

During an exercise, a person exerts a high intensity of physical and mental efforts, therefore, there is a high risk of injury that comes with intense physical activity. As a fitness trainer, it is your duty to respond to anything from a minor injury to an emergency – before, during or after the exercise. Being CPR and first aid qualified will help you deal with illnesses and injuries.

Other careers that may require CPR and First Aid Training:

  • School Staff and Teachers
  • Security Guards
  • Nursing home staff

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