7 Questions I Would Like To Ask The Mullahs Of Our Time

Mullahs of Pakistan are clearly having their day. From admonishing sermons at helpless passerby’s to the Qabza of state land for building Madrasahs, Mullahs seem to be at the pinnacle of their fun.

Even the most sober ones seem to have fun dallying with the innocence of the common man and if anybody dare challenge their might than lo and behold he is a kaafir. These are some of the common questions I would like to ask the mullahs of our time?

Q1. Why is it that you determine the strength of a person’s faith solely by looking at his dress? Aren’t honesty and virtue of equal importance?

Q2. Maybe women should wear Hijab but shouldn’t you so called pious mullahs also learn to lower your gaze when one of your sisters walks in front of you?

Q3. Why is it when so many Islamic scholars from around the world disagree with the notion that a beard is a farz that you try to gauge a person’s identity solely by his beard?

Q4. Why is it that mullah use Qabza as a tactic to build mosques and Madrasahs when they know that doing so is against our great faith Islam which has always emphasized on honesty and fair dealings? Is the Mullah’s Islam just limited to a women’s dress?

Q5. Imparting religious education is essential but doesn’t Islam also emphasize on gaining all kinds of knowledge? Shouldn’t the likes of Algebra or chemistry too be taught in Madrasahs to ensure our religious pupils are able to find means of living in this world also?

Q6. Why is it that the so called protectors of our faith who emphasize so much on Jihad against the infidels not know that the greatest Jihad in Islam is against our own nafs?

Q7. After the Peshawar attacks why is it that so many of our beloved mullahs failed to condemn the attack when they very well know that Islam can never condone an attack on innocent children. Are our Mullahs only brave enough to force helpless women to wear Burqas? Some shameless mullahs even had the audacity to endorse the attack. Such characters cannot follow the teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H).

These are some of the many questions I would like to put forward to our brave old mullahs though I do so with the fear of being branded a Kaafir myself!