90-year-old tortoise gets wheels after losing legs in rat attack

A 90-year-old tortoise named Mrs. T now has a pair of wheels to get around after a rat gnawed off her front legs while she was hibernating in a garden shed earlier this month.

Owner Jude Ryder turned to son Dale Sinclair-Jones, an engineer, who after viewing the turtle found prosthetic legs weren’t an option, so discovered a better alternative: Wheels!

Dale glued an axis connecting wheels from a model aircraft onto her shell which now ensures that the Turtle can move faster than ever as turning seems to be accomplished by pushing one leg at a time, sending the wheeled tortoise in the direction opposite the selected leg.

Don’t know how the tortoise feels but it looks pretty good for now and it’s giving this nearly century-old lady a whole new mode of locomotion.

The turtle is faster than before, and most likely has gotten a taste for speed by now!

For the time being Mrs. T is perhaps the most dope turtle on the planet but if the Fast and Furious franchise has taught us anything speed knows no limits so maybe we can find an even faster alternative for Mrs. T next!