A Story by Jahanzaib Abdullah Mir: Heaven Is a Better Place

Rafeeq and Azmat were sitting together having a cup of tea on a roadside café they looked tired after working hard all day. Rafeeq said: Life is very hard Azmat, we work so hard and we barely survive, one man is earning in the family and he has to feed many, sometimes I think what will happen to my family if I died. Don’t you worry God will help, we will do good Azmat said as we called the waiter for the bill? They both walked home quietly Rafeeq lost in thoughts.

Next morning Rafeeq woke up, he heard his daughter saying: Mom school teacher was asking for last two-month fee, the teacher was also saying that they won’t allow me to sit in class if I didn’t bring fee. Mom:  Ok don’t you worry I will come today, tell the teacher that my parents will clear the dues today, now go you are getting late.

Rafeeq’s wife came to him and said: School is asking for the fee, and there is not much left to eat as well when you will receive your salary.

I have applied for the loan in office but accountant said it’s not possible because I am already paying back the previous loan, will talk to Azmat today hopefully I’ll get some from him, Rafeeq replied as he left the office for the day.

Before going to an office he went to Azmat for some loan but Azmat also was facing the same financial crisis and couldn’t help.

When Rafeeq reached office he saw there were some protesters blocking the road and many gathered to watch them as the police trying to hold them, there was some media coverage as well, he also walked towards them to see what happening.

As he reached, there was a huge blast, loud cries, and smoke everywhere everyone was running for their lives, ambulance sirens could be heard in the whole city, Rafeeq died in that blast.

Rafeeq’s wife waited for him for hours, at midnight she heard the door knock she ran to the door expecting his husband but there she saw Azmat standing, eyes filled with tears. What happened Rafeeq’s wife asked Azmat, your husband died in a blast today, she fainted as she heard this and Azmat took her to the hospital.

After the burial government official came to Rafeeq’s wife and said not to worry she will take care of and her children education as well. Rafeeq died but government helped his family.

Azmat sometimes came to see them, She asked Rafeeq’s wife, do you need anything, No everything is good I receive money from the government every month they gave me some in bulk when Rafeeq died, they pay my daughter school expense as well.

Azmat left and came home; he told his wife about Rafeeq’s family, I am happy that they are going well Rafeeq always thought what would happen after him. Azmat wife looked grieved, Azmat asked what happened? Today landlord came and asked to pay the rent or leave the house in 2 days. Also today your son’s college was not allowing him to sit in the class; I sold some of my jewelry and paid the fee.

Azmat had nothing to say and went to the bed. Her little daughter was sitting with her mother, she asked: Mom what happened to Rafeeq uncle. Her mother replied: He went to heavens. Mom can’t we send our father to havens as well because since he has gone there her daughter’s fee is also cleared she wears the new uniform and she has new books. Mom, is heaven a better place than this where you earn more?

Her mother had no answer to that, she had tears in her eyes and only said: It’s too late darling lets go the bed.