Actress Naila Shah is in critical condition, still living a homeless life

Actress Naila Shah’s miserable condition has only worsened. She has medical issues and is still living a homeless life with her kid. We came to know about her condition last year when a video on social media showed her beggarly state.

The latest video shared on Facebook shows her living without any shelter with her kid. She can’t even talk properly because of her deteriorating health. It can be heard from the video that she needs Rs 10,000 for the treatment.

She was a popular stage actress but after the death of her husband, things dramatically changed. Troubles started when she got into an abusive marriage. Naila reported everything about her life, her struggles and the condition she is currently suffering from to the woman who found her.

So to seek some respite, she started living with her sister. Unfortunately for her, the abuse and violence did not stop there, either. Naila Shah’s own sister and brother in law continued the abuse in the worse way.

The inhumane and barbaric treatment was done to confiscate her property. The horrific abuse – attacked with acid, burnt with irons and beaten mercilessly by her second husband, has resulted in not only physically damaging her but emotionally as well.

If Naila Shah doesn’t receive any financial help very soon, she won’t be able to survive due to some heart problems mentioned by her in the video. In order to help the dying woman, a fundraiser has been initiated on Facebook. So if anyone wants to help her for a noble cause, here is the link.