Alert: People in Pakistan are highly advised to read this

This picture was sent from an individual living in Islamabad. It is reported that this is a Salmon fish which was fried at home.

Abnormal layer of fat found in the Fish in Islamabad.

Farm owners feed these fishes with some kind of feed that stores layers of fat so the weight of the fish can be increased therefore more weight than the actual fishes means more profit. It’s happening in Islamabad and God knows where? The fishes you’re about to eat right now might have this layer of fat and you probably have no clue about it.

Fishes has all the nutrients we need but with this layer of fat, it will do nothing but harm us in every way. We have no clue what type of deadly feed are they feeding on the fishes that they develop such a layer of fat.

It’s OK to eat some farm-raised fish but if you notice an abnormal amount of fat on the layer of the fish, it’s a sign that the it isn’t fit for eating.