Algerian Robin Hood hacks into US bank accounts to donate to the Palestinian cause!

Hamza Bendelladj, an Algerian hacker and a self-proclaimed Robin Hood was sentenced to death by USA last week for hacking into over 200 banks and stealing money of over 200 million and giving it for the cause of Palestine.

He is reported to have begun hacking into banks at the age of 20 and graduated in computer sciences from a university in Algeria in 2008.

He has allegedly hacked private accounts in 217 banks and financial companies worldwide. “With just one transaction he could earn 10 to 20 million dollars,” one US official said.

However unlike other hackers, instead of keeping the money to himself, he donated it to the Palestinian cause. He is alleged to have hacked 217 banks and sent $280,000,000 to Palestine.

News of the sentence of the execution of the Algerian hacker, Hamza Bendeladj, by the US authorities sparked a large controversy on social media, as some activists launched a campaign of support and solidarity “We are all Hamza”, in which they called on the authorities to mediate for saving the life of “Algeria’s genius”, who stunned the world through hacking Israeli websites and banks.

Algerian League for the Human Rights’ Defense wrote to the American Embassy in Algiers, to demand clarification on the sentence of Hamza Bendelladj.

Hamza Bendelladj

News of his execution sparked sympathy and sorrow for the hacker who became a national hero for Algerian youth, who considered his act as noble, he wanted to offer more than $ 4 billion, which is equivalent of the budgets of a few poor countries, in charity to Palestine and other poor African countries.

His greatest trophy remains for specialists taking control of the Israeli government site and the issuance of important information to the Palestinian resistance classified “top secret”.

Algerian hacker

Before the technical flaws, the Israeli secret service promised to intervene on behalf of the hacker to the US authorities if he agreed to work for Israel. The answer was a resounding no.

Hamza Bendelladj is still in the hands of US authorities. No new Algerian government seems interested in his extradition despite the enormous potential of the hacker at the time of Cyber ​​Wars.