Amir Liaqat gave me and my entire family the most pain ever: Junaid Jamshed

On the eve of mother’s day famous naat khuwan and scholar tweeted on social site that how much he got hurt by derogatory remarks of Amir Liaqat Hussain during his t.v show for his mother.
It all started with the unfortunate incident where Jamshed, in a programme on a private TV channel,appeared making negative remarks about Ayesha (R.A). The video of his comments later went viral on social media and prompted strong backlash.

Though later he apologized to the nation saying “I confess to my mistake. I did not do it intentionally,” he said.
“With a clean heart I ask that Allah forgive me and I beg and beseech all Muslims to forgive me. This was not on purpose.”

But our self acclaimed Scholar Dr. Amir Liaqat Hussain did not really believe that it was a good idea to forgive him and used his usual flowery language to appear more righteous than Jamshed and called his late mother bad names in his t.v show.