Arrival Of The Educated Classes On Pakistan’s Political Scene

Though the end of last month’s dharna spelled out a new dawn for Mian sahab’s democracy and with the evil Khan having finally exhausted his political energies; all this cannot hide a new phenomenon risen out of this dharna, the rise of the burger bacha.

For the first time in Pakistan’s history now armed with a Big Mac in one hand and a smartphone in the other this little dude previously unheard of in any sphere of life in Pakistan has finally managed to surface and show his muscle.

And bad luck for you Mian sahab, for the majority of these burger bachas have gone into PTI’s camp. Well you might have lost the youth’s support but just let me spell out a few facts for you:

Fact 1: This burger bacha understands economics Mian sahab and will not tolerate a poor economy arising due to your bad policies.

Fact 2: With even the likes of Hanif Abbasi being voted out due to bad character, it should be clear to you that the new educated class demands clean and corruption free faces in politics. Unfortunately at present you don’t fit into this category.

Fact 3: This educated youth demands much more than just a jungla bus. For them the general prosperity and being able to find jobs easily is what’s more important.

Fact 4: Complacency on your part will no longer be tolerated. As you have already seen in the strength of the last month’s dharna that this is a Pakistan which just will not tolerate any more non-sense. You have to get your act together and most importantly do something.

Fact 5: Status quo which was the norm of Pakistani politics for long too can no longer be tolerated. As you can see this burger bacha understands that you are buying these expensive cars and getting all that protocol from his tax money. That is no longer acceptable to him.

Fact 6: If you fail to deliver you too will suffer PPP’s fate in the next elections and running off to Saudia might no longer be an option.

protest pakistan

So Mian sahab with three years remaining in office, our sincere advice to you will be, to do something. Sorry Mian sahab Metro bus might earn you kickbacks but it cannot bring prosperity to the general masses. It is these very burger bachas who form the lion’s share of strength in any PTI jalsa. Had you followed proper policies from the very beginning they might have come over to your side by now. But alas you always fail to understand!