Attention Seeker Alert: Naya Pakistan and a Cheap Doctor

Impressed by Prime Minister Imran Khan’s inaugural speech, an attention seeking Pakistani-born American doctor has decided to return to Pakistan showing his trust in PTI’s government. He is being criticized on Twitter for his attention-seeking videos.

Salman Masood, a journalist, gave his opinion on the matter.

Just because you’re living in America doesn’t mean that all is well. There are both positives and negatives whichever country you live in. So you’re not doing any favor to your motherland by packing your bags and coming to Pakistan.

Most people had positive views on his first video when he claimed that he is going to return to Pakistan. They appreciated him. But his next video turned the tables. Now he is being abused, ridiculed and made fun of by fellow Pakistanis on Twitter.

And why not? Pakistan do not owe you anything if you want to come back to your country. So stop bullshitting and get your ass back home.