Indian Chief Minister calls for raping dead Muslim women

Indian Chief Minister

Just when we were shocked by Trump’s anti Muslim and anti-Minority rhetoric, India the so called world’s largest democracy (but also the practical joke of the world); a country where over five hundred million people don’t have a toilet to go to (because they cannot afford to build one); where over one third of the population lives in desperate poverty yet is ready to enter into an arms race with China (whose economy is $10 trillion bigger than India’s), a country whose capital city Delhi also holds the privilege of being the rape capital of the world has just given us another shocking surprise.

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Why CPEC can make Pakistan the centre of human civilization!


If you believe that China-Pakistan economic corridor (or CPEC as it is more commonly known) is just a superhighway than perhaps you face a serious dearth of knowledge for far from this not only will CPEC take Pak-China partnership to new heights but make facilitation of trade the backbone of Pakistan’s future foreign and economic policy.

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Can Pakistan Win This World Cup?


With the best in our team either banned or unfit, Pakistan seems to hardly stand a chance in 2015 world cup! Though PCB may claim that many of the recent incidents were out of their hands yet a sane mind fails to fathom why the board failed to draw up policies in the last four years to ensure that by 2015 the best of our lot will be prepared to battle it out in Australia!

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The Secret Of My Weight Loss

This past year, I went from weighing 110 kilograms to 95 kilograms. Since then, a million people (or so it seems) have asked me for the secret of my weight loss. I know we all want immediate gratification and that we, therefore, love diets which promise to make us lose two pounds a DAY. But one rule of thumb to remember is that the quicker you lose weight the more likely it is to come back faster.

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