Wanna Hide a Dead Human body? Don’t worry it’s all possible now, thanks to new startup Transporter for Hire

Transporter for Hire

I was watching this movie called “The Transporter” and after watching it I searched about it on the internet. To my amazement, I found a real life ‘Transporter’. I saw its Facebook page and there was a contact number mentioned there. I called to check whether it was a prank or not. Fortunately, it turns out it’s real.

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India’s founding father Gandhi was ‘Gay’ and Indian Government is now trying to hide it


There had been speculations in the past about Gandhi having an affair with a man. But now those speculations seem true as an author named Joseph Lelyveld claimed in his book that he was deeply in love with a man, Hermann Kallenbach was a German-born bodybuilder with whom Gandhi had a physical relationship.

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