Sunni Victories in Iraq and Syria

An Iranian sponsored sectarian army comprising of Al Qods Brigades, Shiite militias and Iraqi security personnel numbering nearly 12 000 has been beaten back with heavy casualties as it tried to advance on the Sunni city of Ramadi. The Islamic State captured Ramadi from the Iraqi Army when the latter fled in May this year. It remains the militant group’s most stunning success of late. Ramadi, the capital of the Sunni dominated central province of Anbar lies on a strategic location 110 km west of the capital Baghdad and sustained control of the city means Baghdad remains a potential target for the Salafi Jihadists.

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Hezbollah has finally been exposed…


The so-called “Army of God” is nothing but a proxy for the sectarian Iranian Shia Ayatollahs who are using it in Syria to guard the regime of their puppet Bashar al Assad. Hassan Nasrallah doesn’t seem to realize that Hezbollah’s intervention in Syria has awoken a sleeping lion and the lion will come for his head after it gets rid of Assad….

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What the media won’t say about ISIS

The phenomenal rise of ISIS and the ensuing rout of the Iraqi Army and its Shia militias has shaken the world. Only a fool would dismiss ISIS as just another radical Islamist group terrorizing the masses. In fact, they enjoy widespread popular support amongst the local Iraqi Sunni community, which although doesn’t agree with their Salafist ideology but still supports them as they see ISIS as their only defense against the Shia militias. It is impossible for ISIS to hold territory greater than the size of Britain without this crucial support.

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