Baadshah Pehalwan Khan could be the first Pakistani to represent the country in WWE!

After years of nothing but disillusionment, Pakistanis might have something to cheer about as at least in one major area of global sports we might just be about to shine.

The 21 year old Pakistani wrestler Baadshah Pehalwan Khan currently residing in Paris might be the first to represent his country in the World Wrestling Entertainment as he battles it out in WWE audition. The wrestler Khan whose very dress is designed after the Pakistani flag has in the past represented Pakistan in several European countries including France and Spain.

Khan is currently associated with the top most professional wrestling company, ‘Wrestling Stars’ or ‘Catch WS’ and after years of success he has finally auditioned for WWE. If selected, he will become the first Pakistani to fight in WWE.

Khan is currently participating in a competition, where all the 15 participants are being given professional training and grooming to live up to WWE standards. The winner of the competition will get the cash prize of $250,000.

And as we seem to be pretty much finished in both cricket and hockey, maybe wrestling might just be the new in thing here.

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