Can Pakistan Win This World Cup?

With the best in our team either banned or unfit, Pakistan seems to hardly stand a chance in 2015 world cup! Though PCB may claim that many of the recent incidents were out of their hands yet a sane mind fails to fathom why the board failed to draw up policies in the last four years to ensure that by 2015 the best of our lot will be prepared to battle it out in Australia!

As a Pakistani I would like to ask PCB the following questions?

Why didn’t the board ensure that from the very beginning our players remained fit and bowled according to the ICC guidelines? Why is it that only a few days before the world cup, the world wakes up to the fact that Hafeez and Ajmal’s bowling action is wrong?

When everybody knew that batting is our weakness why didn’t PCB take drastic steps from 2011 onwards to ensure that we continue to produce the likes of Javed Miandad or Zaheer Abbass in the future?

Why is it that even after a decade of retirement of both Aamir Sohail and Saeed Anwar, the last real opening pair Pakistani team had, we are yet to find any real openers in Pakistan?

Why is it that even after almost five years of banning Mohammad Asif and Mohammed Aamir are we yet to find suitable bowlers to replace them?

More importantly why even after bearing such humiliation is the PCB yet to take steps to deter our players from the crime of match fixing or the more recent version of it, spot fixing?

Previously bowling was our strength yet now even our bowling seems to falter. Didn’t PCB see this coming and if it did than why didn’t it take immediate steps to rectify this?

There is plenty of talent in the domestic teams for bowling. Why didn’t PCB take steps to pick out the best players and groom them in the last four years?

Why is it that even after decades of whining about weak fielding, didn’t PCB take any steps to improve the general fielding patterns in our team?

Can Pakistan win this world cup? Do we stand a chance in this battle of giants where the best of the best from throughout the world compete for the Golden Cup?

The clear answer after viewing Pakistan’s ragtag team is no!

Hats off to PCB!