How To Counter Charlie Hebdo Propaganda?

The January attack on Charlie Hebdo received global condemnation. People from all segments of the society condemned the attack and participated in I am Charlie rally.

No doubt the attack on the newspaper was extremely condemnable and nobody should have the right to take anybody’s life.

boycott charlieBut let’s consider for a while. Let’s think of a classroom in which two students are sitting. The student A continuously mocks student B. Student B tells him to stop and complains to the teacher but the teacher not only refuses to intervene but also suggests that student A has every right to mock and taunt anybody he wishes in the name of Freedom of Speech.

After a long time when the student B has finally had enough, he gets up and hits the student A. As an aftermath all the teachers in the school take out an “I am Student A” rally.

No doubt what the student B did was wrong but shouldn’t the student A too be asked to mend his ways. Shouldn’t respect for a community which represents almost one fourth of the global population precede freedom.

When holocaust can be a taboo subject for understandable reasons than why can’t there be respect for Islamic faith too when Muslims hold the respect of the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) so dear to their hearts.

Mocking the holy figures of a religion is akin to hurting the sentiments of its followers and depriving them of their rights. Shouldn’t law also be promulgated in this respect in order to ensure peaceful co-existence? This should be done in the case of all religions be them Islam, Christianity or Buddhism.

Team ViewStorm after much deliberation has come up with a new proposal to stop this practice and hopefully ensure a more peaceful global society.

A media house depends upon advertising for its revenue. Let’s make it clear to everybody that we the muslims will not buy the products of those companies that provide advertising to the likes of Charlie Hebdo or any other newspaper that mocks the faith and sentiments of other people.  

boycott charlie
For when we do purchase the products of such companies we are indirectly financing our own humiliation. And this is not acceptable to us.