Crazy fan steals Jennifer Aniston’s underwear!

Ever since her Breakup with Brad Pitt a decade ago this lady has been in the limelight for her several failed relationships with men ranging from military to showbiz. Nevertheless she has got her set of fans and apparently one of them shocked the world when he or she dared to venture into her trailer while Jennifer Aniston was filming in Chicago and stole her lingerie.

Jennifer Aniston was horrified when she found out and hired several guards to prevent further break in. One source close to the actress revealed:” Jen really freaked out when she heard about it.”

The actress undoubtedly has some crazy fans out there who would go to any lengths to get a piece of her life it seems, even her underwear.

Chicago police have reportedly taken notice of the incident and are busy pursuing the culprit. Nevertheless for now it seems that famous actresses of Hollywood would have to go to even greater lengths to protect their privacy and protecting their lingerie would have to be now a top priority!