Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly donates £5million to help in Nepal after earthquake

He is the current Ballon d’Or holder and one of the best footballers ever to grace the planet, but Cristiano Ronaldo often gets a huge amount of stick for his so called arrogant persona.

That has been blown out of the water after the Real Madrid forward reportedly donated a massive £5 million to Save the Children in order to help the victims of the earthquake in Nepal – adding to the numerous charitable contributions he already makes, which last year included paying for a 10 year old child to have brain surgery.

This is by no means the first time Ronaldo has come to the aid of a country after a natural disaster, with the 2004 Tsunami victims also profiting from his good nature after he saw a boy wearing a Portugal shirt sporting his name on the back.

Ronaldo visited the kid, helped fund raise for a new house for his family with the Portuguese national side and also paid for the boy’s education and flew him to England to watch a Manchester United game – giving him his mobile number to keep in touch.

Many famous faces have got involved urging people to donate to the relief fund, but how many of them actually put their hands in their pockets and dig as deeply as Ronaldo has? Not that many, so take a bow son.