Did You Gain Anything India?

Though dismayed with low growth in the last few years, with the conclusion of Obama’s Indian yatra, Shining India seems to be once more on a resurgent phase.

With all the boohoo of having managed to convince the American President into coming to their country, did you gain anything India? Really!

Fact 1: There was no such thing as breakthrough. The civil nuclear deal had been signed long ago. American President merely ratified the deal after all bottlenecks had been removed.

Fact 2: The visit’s significance lies overwhelmingly in the Joint Strategic Vision for the Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean Region. For this not only will India give up its nonaligned status but also might turn China into its long term enemy. Meaning US in the long run uses India as a tool for its China containment policy.

Fact 3: By moving into the US arms India would only further facilitate a strategic understanding between China, Pakistan and Russia to develop closer military and economic relations.

Fact 4: As for the nuclear deal rhetoric, India, US has no attractive reactors to offer. The reactor that US does offer you are all untested. According to independent estimates, the cost of electricity from them may exceed Rs 15 per unit — three times higher than from competing power sources.

Fact 5: US does not believe in maintaining allies in the third world developing countries. It merely turns them into client states. Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Columbia are all examples of this.

Sorry India for what you are celebrating on is a mere façade behind which is hidden your own loss.

Just like Malik Ghulam Mohammad in the early 50’s signed Pakistan onto decades of US slavery after Liaquat Ali Khan’s death, Modi may have just done the same with you.

Most importantly you might have made your giant neighbor China, a major enemy after this deal.