Divorcing thrice at once should be punishable offence: says CII

So embroiled is the warrior mullah of today in his own paltry struggles that its shocking indeed to witness something sane from him. Such a case was witnessed this week when the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) in order to curb the divorce rate in the country, declared the pronouncement of divorce three times in succession against Sunnah.

It seems alarmed by the rising divorce rate in the country, Maulana Ashrafi led Council of Islamic ideology decided to take matters into its own hands and asked the national assembly to criminalize the pronouncement of talaq three times when giving a divorce.

To be fair, marriage is a sacred trust that should not be ended with three petty words; Talaq Talaq Talaq. And reasonably so, often has been the case when people in a fit of anger said those three accursed words only to much regret it later.

Moreover, divorce is something that should be discouraged and not allowed to rise for it is this very institution which binds the most important unit in a society, that of the family and it is the families combined which maintain equilibrium in a society.

For now, bravo to the mullahs for finally taking up their rightful role in the society and hope more of such fatwas will follow in the future protecting not only this very sacred institution on whose existence depends the very survival of the society but also other vulnerable segments of the society.