Do expensive cars get girls easily?

The media has a huge role in the portrayal of the society and what we see today in films and tele dramas is that the main character wears the sleekest dresses, the coolest shades and has the latest car under his belt, and what all these things ultimately lead to is the girl of his dreams. What the normal person can observe is that he needs to be a show off to let the world know that he is worth noticing.

In reality if a person has a girl he wants to hang out with he needs to have a car, because anything less than that just won’t do. Why? Because the car gives a sense of security, a feeling of being surrounded my metal, you automatically tend to feel safer, why not a bike because a lot of the girls are not adventurous enough to roam around the city that openly although it does sound romantic that the girl of your dream would be sitting right behind you and probably would hug you tightly when you attempt a death defying stunt, but as I said Girls these days aren’t adventurous enough which is a pity.

Coming to the point of cars girls apply makeup which would get ruined if cold air isn’t constantly blown to their face, an air conditioner is a must, especially in the summers that we have here. Girls seek comfort and protection and the more expensive the car it’s bound to be comfortable. Imagine a real life scenario that a girl had to choose between a person owning a non air conditioned car and a person whose car has all the features, the mind would go towards the safer and comfier option and only a change of heart would lead her towards the first one. Cars are like clothes, if you are branded from head to toe more often than not you would look the better among the rest, the same goes with the cars, driving a big spacious car makes you feel like a boss and good among the rest of the society, the most important thing is to be noticed in attracting a girl and owning a better car would do that for you. Having a new car would aid you in picking up a girl but in the end it’s always your behavior or nature which helps you keep her, so owning a luxurious car is in no way a guarantee to having a successful relationship but it does help in getting the ball rolling. Expensive cars do make it easy to get girls but if you are in for a temporary fling, otherwise the nature of a person plays an extremely important role. Moreover, psychologists proved that mostly car dealers have boasted the fact among youth and in upcoming generations that “car one drives is the key when it comes to turning a woman’s head.