You Don’t Need To Carry Your Vehicle’s Document Anymore

With the introduction of a mobile app developed by Punjab Information Technology Board to help track the ownership of vehicles, it seems that the government of Pakistan has, at last, entered the tech era.

Finally, the commuters in this country no longer need to carry their vehicle documents for now with the click of an app, all knowledge of the car can reach the government officer in just a second.

It is also hoped that this app will help the excise department to increase tax collection on vehicles.

Though at the moment this app is only meant to be used by the excise department it’s for sure that it will soon be applied to the cops also. Here are some of the facts related to it:

  • To increase efficiency and reduce corruption it is extremely important to involve more of such apps in governance.
  • One of the major problems related to Pakistan is high tax evasion. The excise department should do maximum possible it can to introduce such apps to keep a check on its workers who openly indulge in corruption.
  • The current age revolves around technology; with even poor and impoverished countries like Bangladesh aiming to go paper-free by 2020. Time has come for Pakistan to do so also.
  • The introduction of this app will encourage other government departments to develop these kinds of apps that can help to improve governance and inefficiency in the slow and bureaucratic riddled government departments.

Maybe this is the government’s first step towards involving technology in governance but in the long run, let’s just hope that such apps can be developed that the centuries-old patwari dominated system can finally change!

For now, bravo to Punjab Information Technology Board for finally waking our government from its inertia! Who knows the success of this small app might just usher in a new era for Pakistan’s inefficient government.