Escaping flu the easy way

‎We see that when the flu season comes, most probably when the weather changes, be it from summer to winters or the other way around, people tend to feel irritated and carry a box of tissues, sniffing their nose regularly and coughing too when the things get tougher. Majority of the time sore throat and fever supplement the common cold.

The question arises as to whether the common cold can be prevented before it actually occurs? The research nowadays supports the notion that it can be prevented, yet research is still in progress as to make sure how true the notion is.
There are many remedies that can be used for prevention like that intake of omega 3 acids which according to researches eats up the bacteria. The natural source of Omega 3 is the intake of fish as much as possible throughout the season, if intake is after there are symptoms of flu the acid has basically no preventive qualities against the common cold.
Other natural remedy is Astragalus, a Chinese root which helps in the buildup of white blood cells that fight against infection. The problem with this root is the fact that it takes 6-8 weeks to function properly. Unless you take it at the start of the common cold season the root may not end up having any benefits for the intake.
Vitamin D intake can greatly help in protecting against the common cold, but it also like the others, has to be taken at the start of the season‎. The natural source containing the mineral is Milk and sunshine, supplements are recommended to a lot of people to maintain the level which helps in protection against flu and many other diseases.
We used to hear that vitamin C helps in curing sore throat and flu, which sounded a little odd because Vitamin C is found in citrus and doctors were often of the view that it damages the throat even more. We came to know that it was partly true and it was more of hype that it did cure the illness
‎We live in the west and we prefer the use of tea more than anything else because we believe that tea cures all the signs and symptoms of flu, it has thiamine which helps in the boosting the immune system and if you take it on a regular basis you are more often than not likely to be protected against the common cold.