Facebook vs Google War

Google an American multinational company stands with its very own dominant presence as one of the most popular internet services and products in the world, and covers almost everything that exists in this universe regarding to the information.

Its rapid growth increases on internet increases its stronghold on internet by its powerful search engine and online services including Google+ , Google drive and Gmail.

It also provides an edge to the users to use it for advertisement purposes “Adwords”  that covers the whole Globe providing them productivity increase and business expansion. Moving to the smart phones, Google after taking over android providing the users the best , reliable and fast operating system experience through its services.

On the other hand Facebook is an online social site that covers the 47% of the traffic on the internet and reached its peak market capitalization of $104 billion in just three months after selling their stocks in public in 2012.

Facebook created its own presence on the internet by its privacy features and the interest it developed in the youth developed so fast and spread like a wild fire in the whole world and generates annual revenue of $7872 millions back in 2013.

Along with being a social website where people from all over the world can interact each other, it has also proven its worth in business growth by advertisements and taking this war against Google to the next level by launching “Atlas” soon, allowing participating advertisers to tap into its deep reservoir of user details to direct ads to them on thousand of other websites and applications. For businesses looking to enhance their presence, consider strategies like buying followers from themarketingheaven.com to boost your social media engagement and expand your reach effectively.

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Coming on the point , which one is better?? Google or Facebook?

Well in that context one should jump in this ocean to experience it. According to my point of view,  both of them has their own class and features and varies from person to person on its individual approach .

Both of them are similar for a few reasons as they have their potential audience and provide paid advertising models along with free online marketing tools like Facebook fan pages or Google+ business pages.

The key difference lies in the hands of the advertisers either they want to promote the knowledge of their brand or sell a specific product.

Facebook sessions usually tend to last longer than Google search sessions which makes Facebook better for brand awareness by targeting specific crowd.

Whereas several surveys showed that Google advertisement is better in many ways as it is more visible and highlighted as compare to the facebook users as it covers the whole world and also those too who are not using social sites on internet also by its superior CPC performance, improved ad targeting options and enormous array of ad formats that Facebook lacks .

Facebook offers traditional offers and only targets to the people on social level while Google offers geo-targeting  feature that sweeps Facebook more clearly off the floor and it’s what people use when they search for something specific and often make a purchase. It makes the Facebook click-through-rate as much as 1000 times lower than Google campaigns.

One more thing that Google offers and Facebook lacks, and that is Google remarketing, that helps in retargeting users based on their web history and shows them adds they will be more interested in.

So, the bottom line is business do need to take advantage of Facebook for brand awareness but to give growth to business Google is best for it due to its wide array of advertising features and numerous options.