Farhan Virk, a PTI social media activist is a complete idiot

Idiot. Stupid. Moron. Buffoon. Imbecile. Brainless. Retard. These words perfectly describe PTI Social Media activist Farhan Virk. Every sensible person in Pakistan already know about his retardedness.

But sadly in Pakistan the majority of people are fond of conspiracy theories and they fall for it. And Farhan Virk is busy spreading conspiracy theories to support his master PM Imran Khan. Here is one such example:

Wow. That blew my mind.

Let’s look at another example. I’m sure you’d would be blown away by this one.

Helicopter - Mind Blown

Can anyone level up with this guy in terms of stupidity? Well, i doubt it.

Moreover, Farhan Virk tweeted this next level shit.

And what about 2040? Pigs flying in space with the likes of Farhan Virks.

Even the PTI workers and fans are tired of his shit. Here’s one example.