Five reasons why Mera Sultan sucks!

Mera Sultan mesmerized the Pakistani audiences from its very first appearance on Geo Kahani two years back. But was it really as epic as is shown on tv?

Here we reveal to you five reasons why not only does it suck but the old Sulayman would drown in shame if he ever came back to life and watched the drama.

1. It is far from reality in fact rather than just sticking with Hurrem Sultan, Sulayman kept 300 concubines (wow) in his constant service and no there was no such thing as a romantic relationship between Pargali and Khazeena infact Sulayman’s sister was not even known as Khazeena.

2. It shows Hurrem Sultan in a bad light whereas in reality there is no such proof that Hurrem Sultan exerted any influence over government affairs. The whole story is based upon rumours dating back to the sixteenth century Ottoman Empire.

Hurrem Sultan infact was an extremely charitable lady who even in her days as lowly slave used to donate all her earnings to charity.

3. The power struggle was portrayed wrongly in the drama. Infact there is evidence that Sulayman had always preferred Selim over his other children. And though Mustapha’s fate can only attract sympathy but Beyazid was no angel that he is shown in the drama. He was known as a cruel man in his life and all evidence suggests Sulayman never really preferred him as an heir.

4. It shows Selim in a bad light whereas in reality he repented from drinking early on in his life and was a devout muslim who showed special consideration for Muslims around the world.

He not only tried to protect Muslims in India from Portugese oppression but also tried to make pilgrimage to Makka easy!

And most Importantly

5. There is a little too less dancing perhaps. Ottoman Sultans were men who used to spend the lion’s share of their lives with their concubines in harem.

To show dancing in only a few episodes and basing the whole drama on a few imaginary  relationships whereas both the Sultans and Princes clearly had a huge number of alternates available all the time to romance perhaps is a little too unfair with the viewers.