Five reasons why Shoaib Akhtar is a moron!

Here are five reasons why Shoaib Akhtar is a moron:

1. He always focused on speed but not line, length and quality and that’s why was never able to get many wickets. Today he might be known as Rawalpindi express but his record as a wicket-taker is abysmal.

2. His career is tainted with controversies and from being embroiled in fights with teammates to drug abuse, he’s been involved in everything.

3. He even never enjoyed good relations with other fast bowlers despite the fact that he started playing during the time of great Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis. Maybe that’s why he was never able to get as good as them BECA– — — USE he never tried to learn from them.

4. He scared the shit out of Sachin Tendulkar and other batting greats of his time (dude show some respect to the little guy).

And most Importantly

5. He called Afridi a Jaahil after Afridi called him Hackal Jackal (give it a rest bro).