How to Apply for Malaysia Visa For Pakistani Passport Holders?

Malaysia is one of the most favorite destinations for Pakistani visitors. Despite its beautiful and colorful culture, Malaysia is an Islamic country so Pakistani love to visit it as it welcomes everyone.

Traveling to this beautiful country has never been easier. They have recently introduced their E-Visa program due to which it becomes very convenient to get Malaysia visa for Pakistani people. Because of E-Visa, the Pakistani passport holder can easily apply for Malaysia Visa and get in within 2 days (some people even get it in hours). Applying for Malaysia Visa for Pakistani people has become so easy that we can do it on the phone while relaxing on our comfy couch.

How to Apply for Malaysian E-Visa Online?

It is very simple to apply for Malaysian visa online on a Pakistani passport. Simply visit the official government website to apply for Malaysian e-visa. Create an account here:  Malaysia Visa Official Website and submit your application.

What Do We Need for Malaysian E-Visa Application Online?

There are a few requirements you need to provide for a successful e-visa application. If you failed to provide those mandatory documents required for the application, then it might be unsuccessful.

Make sure to provide all documents correctly in the first place to face no delay in the processing of your e-visa application by the immigration authorities of that country. However, if you made a mistake or submitted a wrong document, nothing to worry about. They will contact you via email and ask you to send the correct document. I myself made a mistake while applying and provided the wrong flight document. They emailed me and then I provided the right one.

Here is the list of documents required for e-visa to Malaysia. You have to upload these documents before payment and submitting the application.

  1. Photograph
    One passport sized recent studio photo with white background and without border or frame is required for e-visa application. The Malaysian Government is quite strict in applicant’s photograph requirements and can reject your e-visa if these requirements are not met

  2. Passport Front Page Photo
    You will need to upload a front-page photo of your current and all previous passports. A photocopy is not required here.

  3. Return Air Ticket Booking
    You will need to upload the print of your return air ticket booking. If you have booked a ticket confirmation held for 24/48 hours take a print out of it and use it. If not, you can also get a dummy reservation from a travel agent.

  4. Hotel Bookings
    Provide a copy of your hotel bookings in Malaysia.  This can be a reserve free-cancellation and no pre-payment accommodation. You can change it afterword if you want.

  5. Bank Statement
    If you are financing your own visit, provide a copy of your bank account, else provide bank statement of your sponsor. Bank Statement should generally be Rs200,000 minimum.

  6. Other Documents
    At end attach any other document you want(optional).

Malaysian E-Visa Fee

It cost only $31 USD and you can pay it via credit and debit card during the application. The processing time of the e-visa application is usually 2 working days.


Usually, they do not call their applicants for interview. However, only in case of suspicion, they may call the applicant for an interview or a skype session with Malaysia Consulate/ Malaysian Embassy.

There are rare chances that they reject your e-visa application. However, if due to any unforeseen reason they reject your visa application, there is no time ban before you can re-apply.

How to Contact the Embassy

In case if you want to contact the Malaysian Embassy, here are the details of Malaysian Embassies situated in Islamabad and Karachi.


  • Karachi:
  • Islamabad:



  • Karachi: Work days: Monday to Friday: 9.00am – 5.00pm
  • Islamabad: Visa Days: Monday – Thursday: (09:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m.)

Embassy Address:

  • Karachi: No. 29 9th Street Khayaban-e-Shamsheer, Phase V Defence Housing Authority, Karachi
  • Islamabad: Plot No. 144-150 Street No. 17 Sector G-5, Diplomatic Enclave 44000, Islamabad

With all the information mentioned above, it is not at all a difficulty to apply for Malaysia visa for a Pakistani passport holder. If there is anything still undiscussed, please let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this post with the friends and family looking for this information.