How to setup a cloud based call center?

Remember the days when we had to call overseas through a traditional landline? Wasn’t that a complicated process? Because it was a very costly way to communicate, moreover we had to dial a prefix with long digits; we had to wait and experience the hassles of a call drop or line distortion and sometimes also had to deal with the wire issues.  But now, the time has totally changed, we have the latest VoIP technology available that help us make voice calls easy and cost-efficiently within the seconds.

Time is changing behind the scenes in call center world as well. The cloud-based technology is helping call centers to manage the interactions with their customers efficiently with the help of call center solutions that mainly include VoIP services.

Before proceeding further, we need to understand what cloud-based call center is, and how VOIP is helping them to operate the functions smoothly.

What is a Cloud-based call center?

Before I explain how to setup the cloud-based call center, let’s make sure you understand what they actually are. Cloud-based call centers are completely depending upon the internet; the service is hosted in the cloud by a business VoIP phone service provider and the service can be accessed with the help of internet connection. All your data would be stored in the cloud. All your team needs to use an internet connection, so, you don’t need to purchase any costly hardware. You only need a laptop, headset and internet connection, and you are good to go!

Cloud-based call centers mainly use VoIP for better communication, so the customer service team can take & make regular phone calls, can easily access the records of their calls and can even record their calls all while working in the cloud.

Benefits of opening cloud-based call center:

  • Cost-effective
  • No hardware requirements, completely based on easy software deployment
  • Highly secure
  • Flexibility & mobility
  • Boost productivity
  • Improved customer relationship management

Steps to set up a cloud-based call center:

Setting up the cloud-based call center is easier than setting up an on-premise call center because the former only requires an app to be installed on your computer. But the later one requires you to buy a costly hardware, installation of compatible software and server maintenance etc.

Things needed:

  • Call center software solutions (VOIP, dialers etc.)
  • Laptop/PC.
  • Quality phone & headset
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Dedicated phone line
  1. Select your specialty:

Different call centers require a different range of experiences and skills set. For example, an inbound call center dealing with drug rehabilitation patients require a totally different skills set than an outbound call center selling an insurance plan. Therefore, it’s important to select your specialty or needs first that suits your interests, skills, and background.

  1. Call center equipment:

The equipment required for your call center depends upon your client needs. If you are planning to set up an outbound call center for selling VoIP services, you won’t need any kind of complicated hardware, just a laptop, headset and strong internet connection for your customer support team. But the services you are selling should be reliable enough to cater your client’s needs. For example, the VOIP services you are selling for call centers must be able to accommodate the needs of call centers in a cost-effective way which provide them each and every feature associated with VOIP.

  1. Call center software solutions:

Remember, your client doesn’t know the complexity of call center solutions; it’s you who must have the perfect knowledge of these solutions because you have to manage their workflow efficiency by providing the best software solutions. There are various call center solutions available at quite competitive rates. Make sure the software you offer your clients must be able to track all the calls and provide email support and chat options, as well as offer them the unique ability to queue all their calls with automated recorded features.

Dialer system: In case of providing VoIP services, your clients (call centers) will be getting the advantages of Dialer system which mainly include predictive dialing and auto dialing facilities. Call center’s responsibilities always include calling big numbers of prospects every day, so, you will require a smart dialer system that can help automate the calls so you can be as productive as possible.

  • Predictive dialer: You need to understand the process of two major types of dialers’ i-e predictive dialer and auto dialer. The predictive dialer will only dial out the calls if the agent is ready to respond or available to deal with the clients. This smart technology simply eliminates the manual dialing system (hand-dialing) which might be slow or error-prone. It will boost the productivity and would help generate numerous leads and sales.
  • Auto dialer: This is an opposite of predictive dialer. Au auto dialer will dial out multiple calls automatically without even considering the availability of the agent. So, the major purpose of this dialer is to deliver pre-recorded personalized audio messages with press 1 instructions. However, it triples the ability of call center agents as it is adapted for greater precision. So why setting for something less than the best auto dialing facility available?
  1. Getting clients:

Because your call center is cloud-based, so you don’t need to provide any hardware related support to your clients. The entire world is completely open to you. You can simply target your audience by making use of social media includes LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter so you can let people know what you are offering. You can also choose cold calling, and can even visit your clients or reach through via email.

  1. Growing your business:

You need to establish your strong network with others across your country and even across the world who are offering similar services to yours.  For example, If you’re living on the East Coast, and you find someone living on the West Coast, then you would be able to help each other acquire various clients who need the call center to generate sales and leads. You can even partner with these people or can subcontract them so you can increase the revenue as well as the profit.


Do not forget to check with the city, state or the country’s licensing agencies in order to determine if you require some special kinds of permits or licenses.

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