I am a pigeon Mr. Modi and I am not a terrorist!

Two weeks ago in what not only outraged the bands of pigeons flying overhead but also millions of animal lovers throughout the world, a pigeon was arrested in India for having flied into India and having signs of Urdu written on its feathers.

The bird was taken into custody in the Punjab village of Pathankrot after it was discovered by a 14-year-old boy. The youngster seized the pigeon while at his father’s house in the village of Manwal, 2.48 miles from the Pakistani-Indian border.

He noticed that the bird had a message in Urdu stamped onto its feathers as well as a Pakistani telephone number on its body. After making the discovery the boy handed the pigeon into the police station, where officers took over. The bird was then X-rayed and has since been detained for further investigation. Then place the bird into its cage, or makeshift jail cell.

Amazing as if killing and jailing innocent Pakistani fishermen was not enough for Indians that even the unlucky animals unlucky enough to have flied into India too are now arrested.

My simple question to Mr. Modi under whose visionary leadership Indians have visibly become more paranoid of their neighbors’ is would Pakistan spy agencies be stupid enough to send a pigeon into India with Urdu stamped on him to make it obvious that he is from Pakistan.

And would every animal from Pakistan be henceforth considered a spy in India!

As to all our beloved pigeons, the message they should chant in unison should be clear; ‘‘we are pigeons Mr. Modi and we are not terrorists’’!