Imran Khan as Prime Minister and the Challenges Ahead

Amid widespread allegations of rigging, PTI’s Imran Khan is all set to become the 19th Prime Minister of Pakistan. Former cricket champion, playboy and philanthropist, Imran Khan after a struggle of 22 years as a politician has finally gotten his reward.

Elections 2018 have been controversial so far with an unprecedented delay in announcement of results and claims of large-scale rigging by PML-N, PPP, MMA and etc. Even more so, there was massive pre-poll rigging done to dent the incumbent government – PML-N  being pushed to the wall by pressure from the powerful military.

However, let’s accept the results and declare PTI as the winner. It’s time to move on and give Imran Khan the opportunity to change the fate of Pakistan. The fight against corruption is commendable and all of Pakistan expects him to deliver on his promise to rout out the menace of corruption.

Secondly, in the political campaigns, he has numerous times said about focusing on human development if elected to power. The Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf has also talked about strengthening the institutions after coming to power. To make the institutions  like Police free of any political interference.

Thirdly, Imran Khan promised that money will be spent on public welfare. And that he will bring reforms in public sector schools and hospitals as done in KPK province according to him.

On the issue of increasing tax collection, he had pledged to increase taxes from four thousand billion rupees to eight thousand billion rupees.

Lastly, on the threat of global warming, Imran Khan, 65, has promised mass scale tree plantation campaign all over the country in order to prevent the ill-effects of climate change.

All these promises if not delivered would cause troubles for PTI as people demand performance not just promises. And performance should be the only criteria in voting for candidates or a party. The military should avoid confronting and meddling in politics and let Imran Khan complete the 5-year term.

Let the people decide whom to bring in power, not the boots.