Imran Khan increases the number of Sethi punctures to 70!

Replying to Najam Sethi’s rhetoric on apology from Imran Khan, Imran Khan has stated that he did not give the reply to Najam Sethi’s notice in court because now that evidence has come out, it is being revealed that the actual number of punctures was in fact 70 not 35.

He further stated that he is ready to battle all these bullies in courts as Khwaja Saad Rafique’s wicket has almost fallen and the rest of the crooks too will be delivered justice soon.

‘‘Najam Sethi has himself said that the bureaucracy stopped taking orders from him and instead turned to Raiwind in days before elections,’’ he said, ‘‘and now we will soon prove that election results in Punjab were based purely on rigging.’’

Good luck Mr. Khan and bad luck Sethi sahb, it’s a long a battle now!