Imran proposed Reham in the container and the actual moment when he fell in love with her

Imran Khan is a highly unpredictable man. From making vows to living out the rest of his life as a bachelor only a few months back today he is happily married to his second wife Reham.

From being a celebrity playboy two decades back he shocked the world when he turned his back on his previous lifestyle of an international romeo to becoming the married guy no one dreamed he would ever be. Nevertheless this time the shock is manifold greater!

Reham Khan recently revealed that not only Imran proposed to her in a container during the dharna but being the frank and candid as the good old Khan is he did not ask her to marry him straightaway as the traditional custom demands instead he asked her to ask her parents to perform istikhara first on the possibility of their marriage (perhaps assured of the fact that he can’t be refused).

The PTI Chairman first asked her for the full name of her parents.

“Na jaan, na pehchaan, and here he was asking for my parents’ name!” Reham recalls, ‘‘I demanded to know why he was asking.”

IK didn’t beat about the bush in his answer: he plainly revealed that he wanted to have someone perform an istakhara (a special prayer for determining the best course of action before a decision)… to determine if she was the right woman for him.

“He didn’t even ask if I’m interested,” Reham exclaims. “So I gave him a lecture, which was contrary to what he’s used to, so he was quite shocked. Among other things, I told him that an istakhara should be performed by oneself, not others!”

Khan sahab then resorted to praise of his to-be wife, which seems to have scored him some points. “You don’t have a price,” he said, “I like you for your khuddari.”

But then he went a tad overboard.

“I know your story, your first marriage and kids,” he continued, and Reham had to shut him down. “That’s none of your business,” she said.

So as the banter between the two oscillated from hot to cool, what led up to her final acceptance of his proposal?

“I was, of course, shocked by his proposal. What struck me was when he spoke about Sulaiman, his eldest son. We see Imran as an aggressive, confident, macho kind of man, but when he talked about Sulaiman, there was a softness in his eyes that really appealed to me. Imran Khan is an exceptional father. And I realised that there is more to this man than what’s on TV.”

And maybe and once again we repeat maybe the time when he truly fell in love with her was in the interview on Aaj tv, the video of which is posted below.

Bravo Imran, you truly are a champ in all domains of your life, from love to politics! Keep up the good work! And we do hope you become the Prime Minister that you have always aspired to be.