Iqrar Ul Hassan is a Show-off and a ‘Doodh Peeta Bacha’, Here’s Why!

Mr.Iqrar ul Hassan Syed made a tweet earlier asking: what is the relation of Usman Malik and Amna Usman to Tycoon Malik Riaz. Keep in mind, this is the same guy known for his bravado on the television show “Sare Aam”.

He has embarrassed himself by asking such a ‘no-brainer question’. Anyone following this issue clearly knows about this. Perhaps, this is Iqrar’s way of showing his helplessness. And since when did Iqrar starting asking people ‘what is what’? Is Sar e Aam a scripted show? Wasn’t Iqrar the one who would go anywhere to expose people? It seems like Iqrar ul Hassan is fighting himself, not knowing what to do regardless of knowing the bitter truth.

To make things clear to Baby Iqrar, I will shed some light on “what is the relation between Usman Malik and Amna Usman to Malik Riaz”. Amna Usman is the daughter of Malik Riaz, and Malik Riaz is Usman’s Khalu. Besides, if you are still not clear, you can do your research. We hope that you don’t act like a “doodh peeta bacha”.

Iqrar should either man up or stay silent as Mr. Abbas Nasir mentioned in his tweet above.  Or maybe, Iqrar is just a show-off. He still has time to mend his ways and stop acting like a newborn baby.