Is Sheikh Rasheed gay?

Khawaja Saad Rafique shocked the world three weeks back when he revealed that Sheikh Rasheed’s usual fire against the Noora boys is limited to speeches only whereas in his usual interaction with them in Parliament, he resorts to giving them romantic looks!

Though the great Khwaja refused to elaborate on this it is no secret that Sheikh Rasheed is a guy who has vowed to live as a bachelor throughout his life. This too is no secret that the Great Sheikh had many great opportunities throughout his decade as a federal minister to marry many available Pindi girls who looked up to their great Sheikh as a leader! (his decade as federal minister began with Nawaz Sharif becoming Prime Minister in 1997 and ended with Musharraf’s departure in 2008)

Nevertheless, our Sheikh rejected all the options and preferred to live as a bachelor! However if Sheikh gives his fellow male parliamentarians romantic looks than just what could be the meaning of this? Is he gay and that’s why he never married?

When questioned by a TV anchor over Khwaja Saad Rafique’s allegation, Sheikh Rasheed instead of giving a proper denial, replied that he has got better taste than them!

Just what possibly could Sheikh have meant by this! And why did he not deny that his carnal desires are not for men? Does he mean to say that he desires better looking men?

These are questions Sheikh saab that you must come out to answer! Otherwise many judgements can be derived from this. The sooner the better!

Here is the video in which Sheikh Rasheed replies to giving romantic looks to Noora boys!