Jazz and Warid announce Merger with a beautiful TVC

The much-hyped merger of the two telecommunication giants, Warid and Mobilink was the talk of the telecommunication town last year. This merger will make these two companies owners of the largest subscriber base in the country. Both Mobilink and Warid customers will be benefitting from an integrated 4G service along with the better signal reception.

Now coming to the advertising part of the whole deal .The first TVC of this merger was aired on 22nd October and it was very well received by the masses. After watching it myself, I could understand why.  Honestly, the TV commercial impressed me very much. For once I was relieved to see the absence of the typical dancers and the loud gaudy costumes that have become a norm for network commercials, let’s not take any names. What I really appreciated was how they have highlighted the beautiful aspects of Pakistan in a mellow yet entrancing way.

Our Pakistan is a beautiful country. Rich in diverse cultures, languages, costumes, its people.  This TVC “Dou network aik awaz” has amazingly managed to capture the essence that makes our country so special, and that too in one and a half minute of time, which is no easy feat.  The commercial opens up like a picture album, colorful and vibrant. The backdrop music is subtle in its tune. The use of different musical instruments is very well executed, without one sound overpowering another. The multiplicity portrayed in the ad is remarkable. You see a handsome man in a suit and then the camera veers off toward a dancing Kalashi girl in her cultural clothes. The emphasis is clear…..it’s on Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage.

You can hear echoes of different voices greeting each other in their native language in the background. You can see the brands respective colors, red for Jazz and blue for Warid, beautifully incorporated in each scene. Some of the striking features of this ad include:-

  • Subtle beauty of the people featured in the ad.
  • Eloquent voiceover
  • Cultural dances and games.
  • People from different cultures and status with different greeting styles.

From the dresses to the different languages spoken in the background “Dou network aik Awaz” highlights all the elements quite successfully. This ad is sure to touch the heartstrings of anyone with an ounce of patriotism in his heart. The warm, welcoming vibe you get from watching this ad is a sure fire sign that the purpose of the promotion has been conceived. It is by far one of the finest TVCs of our time and holds a good promise of the service that these two companies will have to offer.

“Welcome” is what people are saying to each other in the video that pictures people from across Pakistan.