Jazz Business Golf Tournament 2019 Takes Place in Lahore

The Jazz Business Golf Tournament 2019, a premium amateur golfing tournament of Pakistan, concluded its 2nd round at Defence Raya Golf and Country Club in Lahore.

The tournament witnessed participation from amateur golfers, distinguished customers and top management of Jazz.

Prizes in various categories were distributed amongst the winning participants, media representatives and outstanding performers.

The Jazz Business Golf Tournament has been of one of the most sought after amateur golf events of Pakistan over the last 7 years. It continues to attract a diverse segment of the country’s corporate and business sector, making for a well-competed event, providing healthy entertainment and promoting golf in Pakistan.

Ali Naseer, Chief Corporate and Enterprise Officer, Jazz stated, “Over the past 7 years our customers and golf enthusiasts have transformed this tournament into one of the most prestigious amateur golf tournaments of Pakistan. I congratulate the winners and thank our distinguished guests for making this year’s event in Lahore a huge success.’’

Jazz has always sought opportunities and fresh ideas to promote a healthier, more active lifestyle in the community. Now in its 8th edition, the 18-hole tournament has consistently attracted golfing enthusiasts from Jazz’s customer base.

The tournament is divided into three rounds, with Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad hosting one round each, every year. For the first time since the tournament’s inception, players can now check their live score through a golfing mobile app.

The three station tournament will see more than 400 amateur golfers take part during the entire course of the event.