Jazz engages with its B2B customers in four cities

Jazz, Pakistan’s leading digital communications company, concluded its series of engagements with corporate leaders in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Faisalabad.

The event called ‘Customer Connects’, helps Jazz foster effective business relationships with corporate customers under its core value of customer obsession.

Through its integrated business services, Jazz delivers the promise of a connected world by providing corporations and small businesses the tools necessary to achieve their business objectives. It offers one-window solutions with the latest in the ICT technologies product suite. These connectivity services allow businesses to flourish in this new digital age through effective mobile, fixed, and advanced connectivity solutions.

Over the course of these meet-ups, more than 500 corporate customers attended allowing Jazz to gain valuable feedback to strengthen impactful services on offer. This platform was also used to showcase new business-to-business (B2B) mobile products and ongoing upgrades to existing services i.e. mobile advertising, enterprise mobility, and IoT solutions.


“Major advances in data analytics, artificial intelligence, network equipment, and other technologies allow us to shape the local business environment,” said Faisal Sattar, VP Business Service Development at Jazz.  “With the newest technologies and global expertise, Jazz allows corporations and business individuals to implement convergence at the workplace leading to breakthrough cost savings, real-time insights and next-level customer relations.”


Over the years Jazz has established itself as a dominant B2B service provider in the communications and information technology sphere with over 25,000 companies. In terms of B2B reach, Jazz is an industry leader given its nationwide presence; dedicated round-the-clock support and responsive sales services.

Large corporate organizations that use Jazz’s business solutions include the following: MCB – Arif Habib; JS Bank; Pakistan beverages (Pepsi); Dubai Islamic Bank; Meezan Bank; Getz Pharma; HBL; Dalda; Gray Mackenzie Restaurants International (KFC); K-Electric; Bank Al Habib; Gul Ahmed; Bank AL Habib; EFU Life; Sindh Bank; Continental Biscuits Limited and Daraz.pk amongst others.

At this Customer Connects event, a digital product called Jazz E-sell was also highlighted. This service allows Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) to take their stores online with an end-to-end, simplified platform that is convenient to purchase on subscriptions and is easy to scale up. The event also identified Jazz’s upcoming initiatives and credited its prized customers for its success in Pakistan’s digital transformation.