Joblessness And Poverty Are All Eating Away The Young Souls Of Pakistan

The youthful bulge of Pakistan is visible to all today and though Pakistan throughout her short existence has always been a youth-dominated country there has never been as many problems attached to this as there is today.

Joblessness, poverty and the biggest of all hopelessness are all eating away the young souls of this poor nation. Perhaps our economy is just not big enough to accommodate the bulge and this vast reserve which should have yielded a demographic dividend is resulting in nothing but crime and social unrest.

Pakistan today desperately needs to industrialize as only and only through rapid industrialization and setting up labor-intensive industries can provide employment to millions of young people entering the job market every year.

Already the unemployed youth has increased crime and social unrest in this country to proportions never before witnessed. And though change we must, the path to change remains as blurred as ever though, with the coming of a business-friendly government, higher growth in business and industry is expected.

Pakistan must realize and realign its priorities with its urgent needs. We must realize that the biggest threat to Pakistan does not lie across the borders but within the nation. Lack of proper planning and a mismanaged economy has resulted in nothing but disaster for the country’s economy and as a wise man once said “you reap what you sow”; a mismanaged economy has brought the nation on the brink of a crisis.