Kareena cheated on Shahid during their relationship!

Till this day hardly anyone knows what caused the infamous split between Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor in the first place. What’s shocking was that just days before their split up the two seemed to be the most perfect couple, beautiful and madly in love with each other, soon to get engaged.

According to the latest revelation by some of their friends it was Kareena cheating on Shahid that caused the two to split up. One of Shahid Kapoor’s friend is reported to have said, ‘‘we were really surprised to read one of his very prominent former girlfriends talking about being invited to his wedding. Has she forgotten how she behaved with him?”

Kareena Kapoor Khan had recently announced to the media that she is happy for her ex-lover and would attend his marriage too. Hence, it was quite clear that the friend was making reference to the Heroine star in this comment. The friend further added, “She went on an outdoor shooting with one of her co-stars, had what she thought was a secret fling with her co-star and came back to Mumbai to Shahid as if everything was normal. Shahid got to know about the ‘secret fling’ and refused to take her back. And now she wants to be invited to the wedding? What a cruel joke!”

If these statements are to be believed that Kareena reportedly had a ‘secret fling’ with her Tashan co-star Saif Ali Khan. Shahid might just have been the poor guy here who caught his lover cheating on him and in the end heartbroken decided to end their relationship once and forever!