A Story by Jahanzaib Abdullah Mir: Heaven Is a Better Place

heaven is a better place

Rafeeq and Azmat were sitting together having a cup of tea on a roadside café they looked tired after working hard all day. Rafeeq said: Life is very hard Azmat, we work so hard and we barely survive, one man is earning in the family and he has to feed many, sometimes I think what will happen to my family if I died. Don’t you worry God will help, we will do good Azmat said as we called the waiter for the bill? They both walked home quietly Rafeeq lost in thoughts.

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Islamabad was never the second most beautiful capital in the world

Islamabad second most beautiful capital

You may have heard the news last year that Islamabad has been declared the second most beautiful capital in the world. Well, guys, that news was fake. This news was originally published by a website called TopTenFindings: a website which publishes public-submitted Top 10 lists. So most probably this article was submitted by someone like you and me.

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