The most Insane man on facebook re-paindunizing our media!

Hassan Studio 1

First it was his KitKat telcam powders ad and now he has released a Yaadgar atta ad, this man who works under the name of Hassan studios 1 will stop at nothing to gain cheap publicity. Sure his ads are funny but in most cases they go on to do more damage to those products than good (making them a laughing stock in fact).

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The top 10 richest Presidents

Vladimir Putin

Being rich and famous certainly has its privileges. And maybe when you are the head of a state, you have a head start over others when it comes to garnering a fortune. These are the top 10 richest Presidents in the world and surprise surprise, neither Mian sahb nor our beloved Mr.10 percent are on the list. Maybe when the full details of their assets will be revealed they too will hop onto the bandwagon. Nevertheless here are the top 10 richest Presidents for now.

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Top 5 Damads from Pakistan!

shoaib malik sania mirza

Paki boys certainly have got a flavour to them and seeing the fact that we are rated as the third sexiest in the world and every other foreign bahu seems to be heading towards our doorstep, we undoubtedly are charmers. Nevertheless here are the top five damads from our country and boy aren’t they lucky!

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