Lighthouse of Alexandria: Ancient wonder of the world to be rebuilt in Egypt

Maybe the Pakistani version of history doesn’t go beyond the early Islamic history or maybe in the recent past, the Mughals or the British colonialists.

However what we must always remember is that before the world accepted complete western hegemony there existed in east powerful civilizations that dominated the globe for centuries and were pioneers in both scientific research and innovation.

One of East’s most powerful civilization was the Egyptian civilization which remained the global powerhouse for almost a millennium. One of the biggest jewels of Egyptian civilization, was the lighthouse of Alexandria built during the Ptolemaic era in 280 BC.

The white marble lighthouse was used to guide ships and stood an estimated 137m tall and remained the world’s tallest man-made structures for centuries.

It used a mirror to guide ships during the day and fire by night.

But the lighthouse was badly damaged by three earthquakes between 956 and 1323, and in 1480, remnant stones were used to build the Fort Qaitbay.

Lying for centuries on the sea bed, ruins from the Lighthouse of Alexandria were in the end discovered by French archaeologists in 1994.

Finally the government of Egypt has taken a decision to re build the lighthouse with the hope that this will help to boost tourism in the country and restore to Egypt some semblance of her ancient glory!

Not much is known about the details of the proposed rebuild but let’s just hope the project starts rolling soon for the history lovers are clearly having their day!