Malik Riaz An Inspiration

If there ever was anything like a Pakistani Donald Trump than surely Malik Riaz would have fitted into that category. For it is this very man who solely through his vision and hard work has changed the face of the Pakistani real estate market.

Today Riaz is an inspiration for not only the aspiring entrepreneurs of the country but also millions of daily wage earners from whose very ranks he rose to become a billionaire.

Twenty years ago who could have seen that in Pakistan too one day, one can enjoy first world living at a third world price. Just then walked in the messiah who could finally provide us decent housing at affordable rates.

Having such a hero, it was only a matter of time before we made a movie on this giant of a man. And here it comes.

Humayun Saeed’s new drama thriller, Malik depicts the life of Malik Riaz, of his initial struggles and how he overcame all that to become a billionaire. We owe it to you Malik sahab.

The movie also focuses on what really motivated Malik Riaz from the very beginning of his struggle, how he overcame the corruption infested government machinery of the country and still drove forward his business.

Let’s just hope that this movie helps to restore some light to the darkened film industry of Pakistan and maybe inspire a few more Malik Riaz’s out there.