Mickey Arthur Spanks Hard Senior Players Including the Captain Sarfraz

According to reliable sources,  Pakistan Cricket team Coach Mickey Arthur inspired by Mr.Grey spanked senior players Azhar Ali, Asad Shafiq, and the captain Sarfraz Ahmad.

After the end of the second day’s play, Mickey had a serious meeting with all the players. Media reports suggest Arthur blindfolded Azhar, Shafiq, and Sarfraz and spanked them on his lap one by one.

While all of this was happening, the other players looked on and were amused by the friendly treatment meted out by Mickey Arthur.

After some rough spanking, Sarfraz surprisingly looked happy and claimed that he will stay as captain for the rest of the test series because Mickey loves him for being a ‘good boy’.

Well, on a serious note, Arthur has accused the senior players of getting out cheaply in the 2nd innings.

Sometimes I wonder why do we Pakistanis even watch this pathetic team play? Are we that free or stupid to watch such a timid group of players get pounded by the opposition time and again.

It’s time we invest in other sports rather than relying all our hopes on just one single sport!