Misbah’s Men Did It This Time

Though heavily demoralized by their recent defeats, this time Misbah’s men managed to shine again with him leading the front with his 91 not out in a 133 runs partnership with Umar Akmal.

Whatever we may say about Misbah, whether we call him a tuk tuk or lazy, we can’t deny his record as a batsman and captain has remained exceptional despite the highly disgraced team he inherited.

Here he proved, yet again, his worth with an innings of class, composure and skill that saw his depleted side gain a confidence-boosting win over an improving opposition. His willingness to embrace responsibility is what renders him a special player.

And even more encouragingly for Pakistan, this time Umar Akmal too played a highly mature innings, giving relief to many that at least now we have two set batsmen who are performing.

During the match at 78 for 4 it seemed that Pakistan had lost it but then they hadn’t with Misbah and Umar Akmal leading the Pakistani victory. Still it was Afridi who had the last laugh by finishing off the game with a thumping boundary.

However though Waqar Younis might boast about repeating a 1992 here but until the batting top order’s performance remains, what can rightly be termed a fiasco, the truth is Pakistan hardly stands a chance in this world cup.

Encouragingly though we have beaten a team which has just won from India; giving Pakistan an edge in the upcoming match against India on Sunday.

Let’s hope that Misbah’s men can keep up their performance.

Well done Misbah!