How Modi Turned Gujrat Into A Role Model For The Rest Of India?

The state of Gujarat in India is among the most prosperous in the whole of South Asia. From having a fast growing economy to its first world infrastructure, Gujarat seems to be unique in every manner.

No doubt the state owes a lot of it to its visionary and iconic leader Narendra Modi who in just a decade turned Gujarat into a role model for the rest of India. Here’s a list of policies that eventually led him to achieve this:

De-regulate the economy completely: From removing any environmental or pollution restrictions to curbing unionism, Narendra Modi during his period as chief minister gave businesses a free hand to maximize their profits.

Facilitate business in every way possible: From giving interest free loans to selling state owned lands at throw away prices, Modi has done everything to attract maximum possible investors to Gujarat

Cut down the beauraucratic red tape: Over the period of his tenure as chief minister of Gujarat Modi made every possible effort to evolve a new system through which the business big guns and foreign investors could deal straight with the beauraucracy.

Forge independent trade relations: Narendra Modi went a step ahead for Gujarat to forge independent relations with both China and Israel not only to maximize FDI inflow but also to have greater access to their markets.

Focus on developing infrastructure: No foreign investor is going to walk in to a country where infrastructure is inadequate. Therefore make this a top priority

With this short recipe Modi has managed to bring the state of Gujarat at the forefront of progress, growth and development.

We in Pakistan today face a major problem of unemployment and to deal with this, must rapidly industrialize. Therefore we too should try to replicate Modi’s policies to ensure progress and growth in Pakistan.